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Sunday School 

College - Senior Adult

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Our Adult Sunday School groups offer a variety of bible centered curriculum that are appropriate for each life stage. Our focus is to help you grow in wisdom, and develop the tools and resources needed to sustain meaningful relationships.  Community is at the core of the Christian life, and fulfilling our purpose in Christ happens within the context of the church family.  

You Belong At Bellview.

Available Sundays at 11 am
Women's Ministry

For Women Only


Women are unique and special in every sense of the words. God created them to be partners in life with their husbands. We have found that women need community with other godly women to insure they remain challenged and encouraged throughout all life experiences. The relationships built within this ministry are sure to be long lasting and life changing.

seasonal - ask for details
Men's Ministry

For Men Only


The leadership of men is essential to the health of our families and the health of our church. Bellview is yearning to see men rise up from slumber and passionately pursue the adventure God has laid out before them. We are overcoming the devastating lies our culture has passed down for generations and seeing mighty men of God rise up to walk with Him.

seasonal - ask for details
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