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equipping families to fulfill their purpose in christ,
because becoming who we were created to be in christ, changes who we are in the world.


Experiencing the love of Jesus is just the beginning of the Christian Life.  We believe the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ is the foundation to every Christian's journey.  Christ is our source of salvation, strength, and satisfaction in this life and the next!


We are not called to follow Jesus alone, but along side a family of believers.  Learning and applying the truth of God's Word to our lives is the catalyst of spiritual development for all believers.  It is accomplished through the disciplines and relationships formed within the church family as we do life together.


Living boldly for His glory is the specific purpose God has given to all who love Him.  We believe the greatest achievement any believer could attain is a life transformed by Jesus Christ, His Word, and the Holy Spirit.  A life that is lived for the entire world to see. 


Becoming who we were created to be in Christ changes who we are in the world.  When we make this journey, we build the Kingdom of God together.  This is our purpose, this is what we were created and called to do!


Bellview Baptist Church is a Southern Baptist Church that believes in the Baptist Faith and Message.

our staff

Raymond Revilla Jr.
Jerry Mason
Cassie Gilbert

Children's Ministry Coordinator

Jared Reiff

Worship Pastor

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